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Thyme distinct types and mixtures

Thyme (Zaatar) is a herbal plant that is used for many therapeutic purposes, and it can also be used in the preparation of pastries. The Levant, especially Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, was famous in making a mixture of thyme, which is used in the manufacture of Manakeesh and Various Salads. Dry thyme leaves, add various spices, sumac, sesame, salt, and serve with olive oil.


Benefits OF THYME (Zaatar)

  • Get rid of cough   

  • Immunity booster

  • Improve mood

  • Maintain bone health

  • Blood pressure treatment

  • High cholesterol treatment

  • Sugar regulation

  • Memory activation


Kinds of thyme

Zaatar Manakeesh:

There are three types of thyme that can be used to prepare the delicious thyme manouche, and these types differ from each other by the percentage of thyme present in each mixture, in addition to some types of spices specific to each of the three types.

1-Special Thyme

2- Zahra Zattar

3- Muwani Zaatar

Table thyme:

They are the types that give a distinctive elegance to the breakfast table with their distinct taste, which carries the fragrance of the past to our bright present.

  1. Palestinian fark 

  2. Royal Thyme

  3. Palestinian Dukka

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