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Pickles of all kinds (all kinds of Pickles)

The pickled or pickled dish, as it is sometimes called, is considered one of the most delicious appetizers in our Arab world because it plays a major role in opening the guest’s appetite to eat the most delicious local dishes.

  1. Baby Pickled Cucumber

  2. Pickled Cucumber

  3. Pressed Green Pepper

  4. Turnip Slices

  5. Flower Slices

  6. Mixed Pickles

  7. Pickled Carrots

  8. Pickled Faqous

  9. Pickled Broccoli


Special Olive Blends

  1. Plain olive Salad

  2. Spicy Olive Salad

  3. Corn Olive Salad

  4. Lemon Olive Salad

  5. Zaatar Olive Salad

  6. Turkish Olive Salad

Baladi Makdous Walnut

The Levant dish, which has been famous for its manufacture since ancient times, is usually made in a special season that begins at the end of September and extends into October, in parallel with the availability of special eggplant for its manufacture, which is called “Municipal Black”, which is the small round eggplant, and some Other varieties of eggplant are preferred, namely "Homsi" or "Al-Hamwi". Makdous is kept immersed in olive oil for a long time.

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