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Olives & its different types

A dish of pressed green or black olives is one of the main appetizers that enrich our tables in various parts of the Arab world and the world.

Benefits of pressed olives

It treats infections of the throat and gums, facilitates digestion and eliminates constipation, has the ability to regulate blood sugar, as it is useful in stimulating the performance of the liver and is useful in dissolving stones. It treats anemia, because it contains a huge proportion of iron.

kinds of pressed olives (Types of)

The types of pressed olives differ from different types, sizes and method of preparation. Jordan is one of the countries distinguished in the abundance of olive varieties on its lands, due to the multiplicity of numbers in the wide area.

  1. Nibali Mohsen

  2. Studded Croissant

  3. Crosody Finishing

  4. Palestinian Bean

  5. Shamy bean

  6. Italian bean

  7. Al-Nushi

  8. The black Baladi

  9. black Kellmetta

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